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We provide global logistic and freight forwarding services whether you are importing or exporting. Alongside our experienced agents and partners around the globe, Allgreen Logistics is able to manage your entire shipping cycle and maximize efficiency with customs compliance programs, such as free trade zones, special regimes, and trade preferences..


1. Location. Where is the shipment going to and coming from. 


2. Give us a call. We will gather a few details about the shipment and help you clear all the needed legal paperwork.


3. Pick-Up. We will arrange for the shipment to be picked-up by a local carrier and begin its journey to final destination.


4. Ocean, Ground, or Air. Once our Customs brokers or Logistics Specialist have cleared needed all paperwork. We will make sure your shipment has a spot in the the most efficient mode of transportation.


5. Customs Clerance. When the shipment arrives to the country of destination it will clear customs and any legal work. We will also make sure that happens.


6. Inland transportation. Based on your specific needs, we will arrange the transportation from the country's port of entry to the final destination.

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