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Our Value Added Logistic Solutions main goal is to help you obtain the most efficient supply chain. We provide 3rd party logistics solutions for companies seeking to reduce costs through contract negotiations and freight auditing.


Through our relationships with over 100 transportation carriers we have developed an extensive network of solutions to fit the needs of your business. 


Our relationships include carriers within small package, LTL and TL freight, air and ocean freight. Our cost savings can vary based on our clients is between 5-12% and your investment of time is minimal.

Contract Management

We strive to reduce transportation related expenses and increase your company’s bottom-line.  

We save time and money for our clients by combining their entire supply chain needs into a single point of contact making it easier to do business.

Typically we can bring between 4-8% cost savings to our clients. What does it cost you? We don’t charge until we deliver a savings to our clients.



Thinking another distribution center or outsourcing your warehouse to the east coast, midwest or west coast? No problem, we have access to over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space strategically located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.


Freight Invoice Auditing

Through electronic billing provided by freight carriers we can streamline the invoicing process for your company and provide over 200 cost reports to help you manage your supply chain.

We also track for shipments that do not arrive on time and ensure proper credit for these shipments. In many cases, this can represent 1-3% cost reduction for companies without having to do anything extra!



We can warehouse and fulfill your orders from our warehouses to meet the demands of your customers and streamline your supply chain.


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